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Clean Break (Paperback)

, | BookBaby | 12/15/2020

ISBN-10 : 1098330099   ISBN-13 : 9781098330095   List Price : $24.99

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In this political thriller set in contemporary times, written by Eric Elmburg and author M. Rutledge McCall, America reels in shock after the unexpected death of the President just weeks after winning the primaries. He is hastily replaced on the ticket with a former Marine general, who wins the White House on promises of bringing strong leadership and fresh change to a beleaguered nation weary and numb from a decade of internecine bickering among her citizens over the direction of the country. And then, just 90 days into the new President's term, as the people are beginning to feel renewed hope that things will now start to improve, massive simultaneous terrorist explosions in two different U.S. cities hundreds of miles apart wipe out tens of billions of dollars worth of the nation's petroleum supplies. The President overreacts, issuing a series of executive orders that economically cripple the nation and do nothing to bring the perpetrators of the stunning explosions to justice.
Thousands of angry citizens take to the streets and America soon finds herself veering toward something different than anything she has experienced before. With the nation seemingly on the brink of internal collapse, conditions are perfect for someone to step up and shout Enough A person of grit, wisdom, and selfless courage. This is the story of that man. His name is Ben Cannon.
Problem is, Ben is not only apolitical, he just wants to raise his kids, run his family business, and enjoy life with his beautiful wife, Kathryn. Still, like everyone else, Ben and Katie begin wonder what it would take for real change to come to America. They sense it'll take a person who has been pushed too far, perhaps someone with nothing left to lose, who is willing to do whatever it takes to fight for the principles upon which America was founded.
That person unexpectedly appears during a clash between police and protestors when an innocent woman is killed simply trying to get to her car and get home after work. The senseless death should never have occurred, and Ben steps up. But he happens to have history with the new President. Brutal, violent history, in the same Marine Corps special ops teams that bred the President. And the stage is set for the rending apart of the greatest nation since the end of the Roman Empire. And waiting in the wings to pick up the scraps if Ben Cannon and America's President go to war against each other is the perpetrator that financed the terrorist explosions that set the nation on this violent path.

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  • ISBN-10: 1098330099
  • ISBN-13: 9781098330095
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Pages: 444
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