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More Effective Agile: A Roadmap for Software Leaders (Paperback)

| Construx Press | 8/24/2019

ISBN-10 : 1733518215   ISBN-13 : 9781733518215   List Price : $29.95

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This new book from Steve McConnell, author of the software industry classic, Code Complete, distills hundreds of companies’-worth of hard-won insights into an easy-to-read guide to the proven, modern Agile practices that work best. 

In this comprehensive yet accessible overview for software leaders, Steve McConnell presents an impactful, action-oriented prescription—covering the practical considerations needed to ensure you reap the full benefits of effective Agile:

  • Adopt the individual Agile tools suited to your specific organization
  • Create high-performing, autonomous teams that are truly business-focused 
  • Understand the ground truth of Scrum and diagnose your teams’ issues
  • Improve coherence of requirements in an iterative environment
  • Test more effectively, and improve quality
  • Lead your organization through real-world constraints including multi-site teams, large projects, industry regulations, and the need for predictability

Whether you are a C-level executive, vice president, director, manager, technical leader, or coach, this no-nonsense reference seamlessly threads together traditional approaches, early Agile approaches, modern Agile approaches, and the principles and context that underlie them all—creating an invaluable resource for you, your teams, and your organization.

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  • ISBN-10: 1733518215
  • ISBN-13: 9781733518215
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 380
  • Dimensions: 5.51 (w) x 0.79 (h) x 0.00 (d)
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