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$9 Therapy: Semi-Capitalist Solutions to Your Emotional Problems (Paperback)

, | William Morrow & Co | 2/11/2020

ISBN-10 : 0062936336   ISBN-13 : 9780062936332   List Price : $12.99

$7.50 (Like New) ~ $9.00 (Like New)
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A tongue-in-cheek collection of the tips, tricks, and recipes that will fix your life without busting your budget.

$9 Therapy Book proves that it's possible to take self-care seriously without taking yourself too seriously.

Self-professed lifestyle gurus Nick Greene and Megan Reid know that sometimes it takes as little as spending nine dollars on an act of self-care to turn your day around. While working their first, low-paying jobs out of school, Nick and Meg learned to spend wisely--and fabulously--and firmly came to believe in the radical potential of simple pleasures. In $9 Therapy Book, they use their hard-won wisdom to show how small, inexpensive treats can elevate your adulting game: whether it's mindfully repotting a plant to finally drinking from a decent wine glass (even if you can afford only one), to recipes you'll actually want to cook, to design tips to make even the tiniest spaces look like Instagram-bait.

With enthusiasm and sass, (and featuring 30 colorful illustrations), $9 Therapy Book brings together the lifehacks and mini-upgrades that encourage you to make your life a little bit easier, a little bit less stressful, a little bit better, a little more loving toward yourself and the humans around you.

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  • ISBN-10: 0062936336
  • ISBN-13: 9780062936332
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 112
  • Dimensions: 7.24 (w) x 5.98 (h) x 0.00 (d)
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