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The Wrong Kind of Women: Inside Our Revolution to Dismantle the Gods of Hollywood (Hardcover)

| Beacon Press | 2/4/2020

ISBN-10 : 0807033456   ISBN-13 : 9780807033456   List Price : $26.95

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An insider's account of near-absolute systemic exclusion of women from Hollywood, the experiences of women trying to break the system open, and the impact their absence is having on our cultural psyche.

The Wrong Kind of Woman provides a hard-hitting and unflinching look behind the silver screen and into the darkest corners of working life for women in Hollywood. Actor, screenwriter and award-winning, indie filmmaker Naomi McDougall Jones deconstructs the casual, commonplace misogyny rampant in Hollywood, as well as the grassroots, women-in-film activism that is emerging after #metoo and the fall of Harvey Weinstein.

To this day, a mere 5% of top studio films are directed by women. If you have watched mostly American mainstream movies in your lifetime, 80-90% of all the leading characters you have ever seen were male. And even just over the past five years, 55% of the time you saw a female character on screen, she was naked or scantily clad. Those data points have remained static since the early 90s (before which they were worse), and leading indicators suggest that those numbers show no concrete signs of improvement. This is the environment that young actresses, as well as those seeking to become filmmakers or work behind-the-scenes, have been walking into, then trying to navigate to get roles. Crucially, the experience is compounded for women of color, who are also finding workarounds.

Informed by the journey of her own career -- and after conducting over 100 hours of interviews with other women and men in film, ranging from the famous to the shooting-on-a-cell-phone-in-Staten-Island types -- McDougall Jones offers her story and those of her peers as living examples of the maneuvering and movement-building that female filmmakers are doing outside the traditional studio system, courtesy of streaming services, crumbling distribution models, innovative online platforms and outside advocacy groups.

The Wrong Kind of Woman makes a business case for financing and producing films by female filmmakers. But, packed with cold, hard data, research, and personal history, the moral case is clear, too. It is -- like women in film these days -- fearless, bold and ready for a closeup.

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  • ISBN-10: 0807033456
  • ISBN-13: 9780807033456
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 27
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