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Dragon Flute (Hardcover)

| Page Publishing, Inc. | 2/1/2019

ISBN-10 : 1684566851   ISBN-13 : 9781684566853   List Price : $28.95

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Welcome back as we join Jalen Bloom, old friends and new on another adventure through a world of magic and mysticism—Calladrin. Dragonsoft, the laptop business founded in Los Angeles, had been going strong for over a decade and a half, with Jim Foley happily married to Summer and raising their beloved fifteen-year-old son, Ralius.

A break from adventuring had been positive as the time spent together allowed the good-natured kid to take after his father and focus on being a normal teenager. However, in his other life, Ralius was an apprentice blade-hand, or hero of Calladrin, a defender of the land. Ralius, along with his tall elven best friend, Riel, were both transitioning from boys to adults as they trained secretly with weapons to keep their abilities up in case of trouble.

Both families, the human Bloom’s and elven Sharpe’s, worked together at Dragonsoft with Cleft, the mighty shaman, posing as lead programmer. Swen Sharp and Lexia, his wife, a.k.a. Riel’s mom and dad worked as corporate lawyers and traders for Dragonsoft with the help of magic. Jim Foley, Jalen’s Los Angeles alter persona, had been raising his son, rarely returning to the fantasy land of his true origin during a quiet phase of his life. It was a normal day at the office until the ghost of a fallen dwarf from the past came to warn Jim of danger, followed by goblins demanding the poor human’s head. Suffice it to say, Jalen, Swen, Summer, and Cleft were needed back in Calladrin again.

The question was would the kids come along this time? If you like, ghosts, remote viewing, astral projection, telepathy, portals, time travel, elemental magic, mythical and mythological creatures, paleontology, dinosaurs, alien technology, medieval armaments, demons, shape-shifting or talismans, and if even if you don’t, you may want to take a look inside . . .

Prepare for an adventure in the tradition of epic fantasy as you enjoy Dragon Flute, the second installment in the Dragon Talisman series!

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  • ISBN-10: 1684566851
  • ISBN-13: 9781684566853
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 296
  • Dimensions: 9.02 (w) x 5.98 (h) x 0.83 (d)
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