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The Unforgettable Guinevere St. Clair (Hardcover)

| Atheneum | 6/12/2018

ISBN-10 : 1534414460   ISBN-13 : 9781534414464   List Price : $17.99

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A ten-year-old girl is determined to find her missing neighbor, but the answers lead her to a places and people she never expected?and maybe even one she’s been running away from?in this gorgeous debut novel that’s perfect for fans of The Thing About Jellyfish.Guinevere St. Clair is going to be a lawyer. She was the fastest girl in New York City. She knows everything there is to know about the brain. And now that she’s living in Sioux, Iowa, she wants to ride into her first day of school on a cow named Willowdale Princess Deon Dawn. But Gwyn isn’t in Sioux, Iowa, just for royal cows. Her family has moved there, where her parents grew up, in the hopes of jogging her mother Vienna’s memory. Vienna has been suffering from memory loss since Gwyn was four. She can no longer remember anything past the age of thirteen, not even that she has two young daughters. Gwyn’s father is obsessed with finding out everything he can to help his wife, but Gwyn’s focused on problems that seem a little more within her reach. Like proving that the very strange Gaysie Cutter who lives next door is behind the disappearance of her only friend, Wilbur Truesdale. Gwyn is sure she can crack the case, but when she does she finds that not all of her investigations lead her to the places she would have expected. In fact they might just lead her to learn about the mother she’s been doing her best to forget.

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  • ISBN-10: 1534414460
  • ISBN-13: 9781534414464
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 272
  • Dimensions: 5.51 (w) x 8.27 (h) x 0.00 (d)
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