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Instastyle: Curate Your Life, Create Stunning Photos, and Elevate Your Instagram Influence (Paperback)

| Alpha Books | 10/23/2018

ISBN-10 : 1465476687   ISBN-13 : 9781465476685   List Price : $19.99

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  • A04 (5th Shelf Top-to-bottom)


Gain Instagram followers, grow your personal brand, and influence others with beautiful photography, fabulous content ideas, the best filters, and the right hashtagsAfter all, you have irresistible taste and enviable style that begs to be revealed in the best light. You are #blessed, and you want to connect with others who will appreciate and be inspired.Learn how to tell compelling visual stories for every aspect of your charmingly curated life - from a cozy snap of your shabby chic bed, to a delightful candid of your day trip with hubs, to an attractive flat lay of your covetable afternoon-in-the-park outfit. How do people take those aerial shots of breakfast in bed, why do her selfies always look so natural and flattering, and how does she have time to capture all those beautiful photos while raising a family? Learn from successful Instagram influencers as they teach you all the exclusive tricks of the trade. InstaStyle is your visual guide for transforming your feed and showcasing your life, while remaining authentic and true to your brand. From the moment you create your handle to get started, this book provides content inspiration, advice on curating shots, and editing instructions to keep your grid captivating and professional.Whether you prefer vintage and moody, or soft and blush pink, specific guidelines explain how to create an immediately recognizable photo aesthetic with presets and photo editing. You will learn precisely how to drive people to your feed and win a follow so that you ultimately grow your business, steer traffic to your blog, or earn money by becoming #sponsored.

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  • ISBN-10: 1465476687
  • ISBN-13: 9781465476685
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 192
  • Dimensions: 7.68 (w) x 9.17 (h) x 0.00 (d)
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