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There Is a Bird on Your Head! (Paperback)

| Walker | 1/3/2013

ISBN-10 : 1406348244   ISBN-13 : 9781406348248   List Price : $13.60

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늘 계획하고 준비하는 제럴드와 즐거움을 추구하고 웃음을 유발하는 피기의 ‘꽁냥꽁냥’ 일상 에피소드
사랑스러운 두 친구, 코끼리 제럴드와 돼지 피기를 만나요!

제럴드의 머리 위에 새 두 마리가 날아왔어요.
새들은 제럴드 머리에 둥지를 짓고, 알까지 낳아요.
제럴드는 자신의 머리에 새와 둥지, 그리고 알까지 있는 게 너무 싫어요.
제럴드를 도와줄 누구 없나요?

Gerald is careful. Piggie is not. Piggie cannot help smiling. Gerald can. Gerald worries so that Piggie does not have to. Gerald and Piggie are best friends. In There's a Bird on Your Head! Gerald discovers that there is something worse than a bird on your head - two birds on your head! Can Piggie help her best friend? Told entirely in speech bubbles with a repetitive use of familiar phrases, this highly original book is perfect for children just learning to read

Product Details

  • ISBN-10: 1406348244
  • ISBN-13: 9781406348248
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 64
  • Dimensions: 8.94 (w) x 6.57 (h) x 0.24 (d)