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The Woman's Workplace Survival Guide (Paperback)

| Advantage Source Inc | 4/30/2005

ISBN-10 : 0974383082   ISBN-13 : 9780974383088   List Price : $14.95

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The Woman’s Workplace Survival Guide is the kind of book you read and wonder where it was hiding when you started your career. In it you will find advice on how to deal with everyday workplace issues that could otherwise turn into catastrophic events.

Both men and women deal with the topics discussed in this book, but women seem to experience them more intensely. Women, more than men, tend to have unrealistic expectations, say "yes" when they mean "no," take criticism personally, let conflicts escalate into major battles, and fail to ask for what they want in the workplace.

The first section, "Surviving Coworkers," offers profiles of typical problem people in the workplace?prima donnas, passive-aggressive coworkers, gossips, arrogant people, complainers, whiners, cynics, and bullies to name just a few.

The second section, "Surviving Bosses," describes legal issues women face that involve employers and bosses. The goal is to get what you want by diplomatic means. If you want to negotiate a work/life balance arrangement, for example, don’t emphasize how such an arrangement will benefit you. Talk about how it will benefit the company.

The third section, "Surviving Yourself," is for women to reflect on the behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes that might be keeping them from fulfilling their potential. It can be difficult to step back and examine why we are unhappy in our careers, but no one gets what they want by standing in place.

The last section, "Your Ladder to Success," is devoted to self-improvement. After reflecting on where you come from, it’s time to make a plan to go somewhere. This section will help you determine what you want out of your career and how you can get it.

Each of the short 42 chapters is divided into two parts: the first part outlines the problem, while the second part offers solutions.

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  • ISBN-10: 0974383082
  • ISBN-13: 9780974383088
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 258
  • Dimensions: 5.24 (w) x 8.27 (h) x 0.75 (d)