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Getting to Us: How Great Coaches Make Great Teams (Hardcover)

| Penguin Press | 3/6/2018

ISBN-10 : 073522272X   ISBN-13 : 9780735222724   List Price : $28.00

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From the acclaimed CBS Sports commentator and author of the definitive biography of John Wooden: In Search of Excellence for coaching

What makes a coach great? How do great coaches turn a collection of individuals into a coherent "us"? Seth Davis, one of the keenest minds in sports journalism, has been thinking about that question for twenty-five years. It's one of the things that drove him to write the definitive biography of college basketball's greatest coach, John Wooden, Wooden: A Coach's Life. But John Wooden coached a long time ago. The world has changed, and coaching has too, tremendously. Seth Davis decided to embark on a proper investigation, to get to the root of the answer to the question.

In Getting to Us, Davis probes and prods the best of the best from the landscape of active coaches of basketball and football, college and pro--from Urban Meyer, Nick Saban and Jim Harbaugh to Mike Krzyzewski, John Calipari and Doc Rivers--to get at the fundamental ingredients of greatness in the coaching sphere. There's no single right way, of course--part of the great value of the book is Seth's distillation of what he has learned down into types of greatness in coaching, and what sort of leadership thrives in one kind of environment but not others. Some coaches--Nick Saban and John Calipari for example--have thrived at the college level but not in the pros. Why? What's the difference? Some coaches are stern taskmasters, others are warm and cuddly; some are brilliant strategists but less emotionally connected with their players, and with others it's vice versa. In Getting To Us, we come to feel a deep connection with the most successful and iconic coaches in all of sports--big winners, and big character, whose stories offer much in the way of both fascination and edification.

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  • ISBN-10: 073522272X
  • ISBN-13: 9780735222724
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Pages: 320
  • Dimensions: 6.14 (w) x 9.25 (h) x 0.83 (d)