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1. Look up your titles
The titles must be listed in the BookMonster database.
You can search by ISBN, CD catalog number, title, author, etc.
ISBN searches work best.

2. Add the titles to your cart
Prices offered will depend on the condition of the title. (see Condition Guidelines)
Not all conditions are accepted.
Buybacks accepted and prices calculated based on real-time analysis of demand and inventory.
Click the “Add to Cart” button for titles you wish to sell.
When finished adding titles to your cart, click “Buyback Checkout” at the bottom of the page.

3. Verify title condition
Check the condition that applies to each title, referring to the Condition Guidelines on BookMonster.
Based on demand and inventory, some items may be placed in the “Buyback Declined”.

4. Confirm buyback
Select the items you wish to sell for the indicated price, and click "Add to Buyback Cart."
You must have a minimum of 10 items before you can proceed to shipping and checkout.
Items can remain in your bin for up to 90 days.

5. Complete the Buyback Request
Fill in your shipping and payment information, then click the "Submit Buyback" button.

You can sell your used books, CDs, and DVDs with just I click on the following website address.

[1-Click Buyback]
1. Submit Buyback
Fill in your shipping and payment information, then click the "Submit Buyback" button.
2. Packing
* Pack the items you wish to sell in a sturdy box or boxes. Add packing materials to ensure that they
will not be damaged in transit. We do not compensate you for items that are damaged or destroyed
in shipping.
* Print out the Buyback Request List and place it inside each box.
* Print the Shipping Label for the number of boxes listed on the "Buyback Request Submitted" page.
You can also find this information by clicking the "Buyback Requests" link on your "My Account" page.
3. Shipping
* Shipping to BookMonster is free.
*Take your boxes to the US Post Office or to UPS to ship them.
* You items must be shipped within 14 days of your buyback request.
* If you don't ship your buyback items in 14 days, your buyback will be cancelled.
4. Cashback payment
Once we have your items, it will take 1~2 business days to process your buyback and then we’ll pay you
by check, PayPal, or BookMonster Gift Card.

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