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To close your account, go to 'My Account'.
Then, click "Delete Account" at the left of the "My Account" main page.
After your account is closed, it is no longer accessible by you or anyone else.
If you ever wanted to order from us again, or if you'd like to use website features that require a password,
you would need to start a new account.
If you simply need to change your e-mail address or remove a payment method from your account,
you don't need to close your account.

Click “Forgot your password? Click here” on the "Sign In" page.
Enter the email address associated with your BookMonster.com account. We will send a link to your email that you can click
to create a new password.
1. If you see the following message, verify that you have the correct email or create a new account.
" We’re sorry, we were unable to find an account associated with that email address."
2. If you don’t receive our email, check your junk mail folder or contact Customer Service for further assistance.

To change your email address or password, click the “Update account info” on the “My Account” page.

To change your account settings:
1. Sign in to your account with your current email and password.
2. Then, click "Update account info".
3. Make your changes and click the “Update” button.

* If you forgot the email registered with BookMonster.com, simply click “Register” and create a new account.

* If you forgot your password, you can reset it on the “Sign in” page.

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