Buyback Policy

  • Please carefully read our buyback policy below before you submit your buyback request.
  • BookMonster reserves the right at its sole discretion to determine the condition of any item upon receipt in BookMonster’s warehouse, and to make price deductions, rejections and/or discard accordingly.

Buyback Price & Item Condition

  • The base buyback price of each acceptable item is calculated on its inventory status in BookMonster. The normal buyback price will be applied when inventory remains within our projection of demand. Titles that exceed our projected inventory maximum will be priced by the flat buyback rate. The flat rate will be applied to each item according to its popularity and publishing category. Items that can not be resold will not be bought by us even at the flat rate.
  • Each item bought must be categorized individually with a condition status of Like New, Very Good, Good, or Acceptable. The buyback price for each item is established according to its condition. When you request a buyback, please select the precise condition level, referring to our Condition Guidelines. Condition Guidelines

Items BookMonster Does Not Buy

  • We do not buy books, CDs, and DVDs that are not listed with the BookMonster database.
  • We do not buy items if the ISBN and the title of the requested buyback do not match.
  • When you try searching an item, the ISBN or Barcode will give the most exact result. Please enter the ISBN located on the copyright page. The ISBN on the back cover might not be correct. Please be careful, as the same novel might have several ISBN numbers, and a textbook might have other editions.
  • We do not buy books with water damage, damaged spines, torn or missing pages, tape-attached pages, missing covers, custom editions, divided sections, no binding-processed, defective, or misprinted pages.
  • Books that originally had attached materials such as CDs, access codes, manual pamphlets, or supplement data should be sent to us with all the original attached materials. If you send an item without them, its retail value will be lower, so the buyback price may be lower or we might not accept it for buyback at all. If an item missing its attached materials is not accepted for buyback, it will be discarded.
  • We do not buy Ex-library (INCLUDING items withdrawn/discarded/sold from library or public institution) BCE(book club edition), Advanced Copy, Uncorrected Proofs, Scan POD titles, or items marked "Not for Resale/Not to be Resold".
  • We do not buy With Open/Scratched Access Code (damaged/revealed/not sealed) OR without any Original Supplements that came with the books.


  • You must submit at least 10 items or $10.00 at a time.
  • Print out the Buyback Request List and place it inside each box.
  • You yourself should pack the items for buyback in a sturdy box or boxes. Add packing materials to ensure that they will not be damaged in transit. We do not compensate you for items that are damaged or destroyed in shipping.
  • After packing, attach the free shipping label to the box, and then ship from a USPS office or UPS store. The shipping is free, so you do not have to pay for it.
  • You should ship the items by USPS or UPS within 14 days from the date of your buyback request. After 14 days, your buyback request will be automatically cancelled.

Adjusting Payment

  • Please select a credit method for your buyback request. You can choose to receive funds by Paypal, company check, or as a BookMonster Gift Card.
  • The adjusted amount of your buyback will be deposited or sent by check within 1-2 business days after the process is complete.

Handling Rejected Items

  • Items that arrive at BookMonster in a condition that makes them unsellable or that are not on the buyback request will not be bought.
    Items not bought will be discarded or returned according to the preference indicated in your buyback request.
    Return postage willl be charged to you and it will be deducted from the final adjusted total paid for your items.

When Items on the Buyback Request Do Not Arrive

  • We are not responsible for items that are lost in shipping or do not arrive at BookMonster for any reason even though they may be on the buyback request.

When a Buyback Is Not Legal

  • The items submitted for buyback must be owned legally by the seller. If and when someone tries to sell an item illegally, the buyback will be held or discarded without notice.